zarkos.cry from z.a.r.k.o.s..c.r.y
.orchestra - recorded.2002.01.21

After the “red giant’s” implosion, the alien Zarkos is hit by nuclear waste from the big crash. He cries, tries to escape, but ultimately dies.

zarkos’.cry is based on the fractal Zarkos by Jovan Pesec, generated with Ultra FractalTM and on the text: ”zarko’s cry sounds through the space”.
This fractal was (together with “Einstein’sUmbrellaLostInSpace”) one of the winning images in a year 2000 fractal art contest in the category “in  space”. Both images generated my wish to compose SCI-FI -music. With Dave Strohbeen's great ArtSong
TM computer-aided composition program, my wish and my fantasy came true.


If you have any questions, please ask the composer jovan.pesec

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