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harp.orchestra - recorded.2002.01.03

Based on M13, discovered by Edmond Halley in 1714. M13, also called the `Great globular cluster in Hercules', is one of the most prominent and best known globulars of the Northern celestial hemisphere. At its distance of 25,100 light years, its angular diameter of 23' corresponds to 165 light years. It contains several 100,000 stars. Globular cluster M13 was selected in 1974 as target for one of the first radio messages addressed to possible extra-terrestrial intelligent races, and sent by the big radio telescope of the Arecibo Observatory.

Background of this compostion m.13.ggcih: Faster than the speed of light, a starship zooms past some brightly blinking fixed stars on the borders of M13. On the ship’s trajectory the stardust coalesces to an ever tighter cluster of violent nuclear activity, in a black hole in the crux. Finally the spaceship clears the cluster and heads off into deep space.


How closely this music piece fits the original image and background story is nicely shown by the screenshot taken from the Wave Editor of CoolEditPro:


If you have any questions, please ask the composer jovan.pesec

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