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4. - recorded.2002.04.09

In 1999 I generated with Ultra Fractal by the remarkable programmer Frederic Slijkerman a series of fractals, which I collected under the title ‘in space’. They can be viewed on my Internet site  One of them was the fractal RedGiantInFrontOfMounierNebula. (The other one which I based a piece from this album on was EinsteinsUmbrellaLostInSpace). The inspiration for it  came from a picture in the famous magazine "Bild der Wissenschaften".

The composition uses a very clean texture and is based on the aforementioned image, scanned by 2D-Quadratic Image Mapper and on the birthday of my son Oliver, as initial value for the random generator.
The idea behind it is an exploding star in front of a stabile nebula of gas and dust, as well as some blinking fixed stars in contrast to the dark space.


If you have any questions, please ask the composer jovan.pesec

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