einsteins.umbralla.lost.in.space from z.a.r.k.o.s..c.r.y
&.neutrino.smog - recorded.2002.02.07

You’re hovering around the Milky Way in a spacecraft, and suddenly an umbrella appears, twirling in the neutrino smog, followed by a UFO. You can see dancing aliens behind the bull’s-eyes. And suddenly you hear this shrill alien guitar band playing a funky parody of J.S. Bach. But before you can recognize the piece, everything disappears like a nightmare...

einsteins.umbrella.lost.in.space is based on Einsteins birthday, date of death, date on which he was awarded the Nobel Prize, on the formula of the Relativity Theory E=mc
2, on the fractal EinsteinsUmbrellaLostInSpace by Jovan Pesec, and the rhythms of J.S.Bach Orchestra Suite Nr. 2 in B minor. BWV 1067, No. 7 Badinerie.

Dave Strahbeen: “...I like this new version much better....it much better conveys the sense of something crazy/unexpected appearing out of 'nowhere' and then disappearing....”


If you have any questions, please ask the composer jovan.pesec

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