When ArtSong™ launches: the main application window opens, a new project is created, and the project displayed in the Project Editor.

The various project components are displayed on the left hand side of the Project Editor window. At the top of the component list is the 'Project Component' where global composition properties such as time signature and key signatur can be set.


Following the project component are the MIDI Track and MIDI Controller components where the composition behavior of individual instrument parts are set and optionally any algorithm components. 

Other optionally present components included shared algorithm components that have been added to the project.  (are provided including: quadratic and iterated function system attractors; cyclic-pattern generators; image-to-music, text-to-music, mandelbrot-set, and julia-set functions; and several probability distributions. You can use different algorithms for each instrument part, apply different combinations of algorithms to different sections of a composition, and constrain or filter algorithmic output based on meter and harmony. 

The Project Editor also displays a timeline for each component on the right hand side of the editor.  The timeline can be used to changing component property settings during the composition process.


Double-clicking on one of the components in the component list or drawing an event in in a component's timeline area will open the editior for that component. 

The Component Property Editors displays a list of the components user-adjustable properties and allows you set value ranges and assign functions.   Click in the Function column for a property to get a drop-down list of available functions.


 Some functions may additonally have user parameters which can be accessed by clicking in the right most column.


Click the OK button to save settings and close the editor.


 When your project setup is complete, click the Compose Button to execute your composition plan and compose your music.